Ford Mustang Car review

The Ford mustang is the best and popular American car in the world, representing America. This is our Ford Mustang Car quick review. Stay with us to read many more reviews on various type of vehicles.

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Many people think of the Mustang as an American car. Although this car is a Ford mustang, the Ford logo of this car is rarely seen and the mustang pony logo can be seen everywhere. Mustang is such a popular brand in the automotive world. This mustang is less common in most third world countries because it is longer and wider than the average car used in third world countries.

Ford Mustang Car review

It looks very elegant. It has a bold aggressive look. The new generation mustang cars also feature special features such as a longer bonnet. On the back you can see the signature tail lights and the pony logo. 19 inch alloy wheels and 255mm size tires are usually using for this mustang car. It is powered by a turbo engine that makes good noise.


The interior design of the Ford mustang cannot be divided into luxury or sporty. Here’s another step in the mustang’s interior design. For good example,like in the old Mustang generations, the bump on the dashboard is on the driver side as well as on the passenger side is remains still.  The badge from Mustang since 1964 commemorates the glorious past. It has the same steering wheel as the old mustang cars.

Ford Mustang

Had the inspiration of the received world war 2 aircraft. The fact that the speedometer is referred to as GROUND SPEED shows that it has the same effect. It has long been designed as a sport coupe car in America at an affordable price that is not as expensive as a luxury car. Therefore, the interior design of this car is mostly made using plastic. But using materials like leather, it has given an upmarket look to the interior.

Ford Mustang Car review

The front has sporty bucket seats and these seats are designed to be comfortable to use even for long distance travel. The heating and cooling function of these seats is also included as a special feature. Seats contain powers adjustments. The front headroom has a nice headroom with good leg space. The rear seats are a bit cramped, making it difficult for some people to get around. We are talking about Ford Mustang Car quick review.

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The center console is provided with a cigarette lighter and a USB Out. There is cigarette lighter and also be used as a 12V power outlet. There is also a tray that can be used to charge a mobile phone nearby. The glove box is quite large and also has a user manual at the top. There are two large cup holders in  this mustang and an ash tray to use if needed. The center arm rest console box has ample space inside. It has a 12V power outlet and a USB out. Driver side It has a compartment that can be opened by pushing.

It has the ability to store frequently needed items such as sunglasses and money. The doors have slightly larger door bins. These can also be used as bottle holders. The Mustang has a large boot space of 408 liters. But since the boot opening here is small, it is difficult to put big things here. For a person who buys a Mustang car, the large light design on the back is more important than the boot opening, so for many, the small boot opening is not a big issue.

Photos of Ford mustang Car
Ford Mustang Car

There is a subwoofer in the audio system on the left side of the boot and tire repair kit under the boot floor. There is enough space to put a spare wheel if needed. The steering wheel of the mustang car can be adjusted back and forth up and down. On the left side of the steering wheel there are buttons for cruise control and display menu control. On the right side there are audio and voice control buttons.

This car also gets the paddle shift option.

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Ford Mustang Car quick review

Mustang Car

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